Sunday, 5th July 2015


Knoutberry Haw, Tarn Rigg Hill, Snaizwold Fell, Rise Hill, Aye Gill Pike

Start Point: Car park at roadside Grid Reference: SD 694 912
Distance: 15 miles Ascent: 3,100 feet
Time: 7.5 hours
Weather: Sunny day up until the last haf hour when we were caught in a very heavy rain shower

Seven of us set off walking in sunshine which stayed with us for most of the day, but as the weather forecast had predicted a heavy shower swept across at 4.30pm which put a bit of a damper on the day.

Very soon in the walk we were on open access land on our way up to Knoutberry Haw. This was very rough terrain and as there was no real visible sign of walkers in the form of tracks, we followed Ringing Keld Gutter best we could up to the plateau of East Baugh Fell. We reached the trig point on Knoutberry Haw in time for our 11’s stop before moving on to what is actually the highest point of Baugh Fell by one metre, Tarn Rigg Hill which is the actual recorded Hewitt. From here we continued east along the ridge dropping steadily to Grisedale Road.

As we approached Garsdale we left the road following an undefined bridleway up the slope of Rise Hill. Again we were crossing very rough peat bog terrain which made walking difficult. It was very tiresome and hard on the legs, so we were all relieved when we reached the wall at Snaizwold Fell. From here we followed what appeared to be an endless wall (will we ever reach the elusive trig point!) all the way to the summit of Aye Gill Pike (a Marilyn). There were great views south to Pen-y-ghent, Ingleborough & Whernside, but we could also now see the thick black clouds and rain approaching, so we set off quickly following the wall down the slope to get as low as possible before the rain started. The sting in the tail came when the leader mentioned there was no direct path back to the cars from this wall, which meant crossing again peat bog and stubbly grass terrain back to the road.  The story of the day really!      

Very soon the layers were coming off as the sun shone brightly on the group

Baugh Fell in the distance

Making our route up the initial slope

Looking back to great views of the Howgill Fells

Ringing Keld Gutter

Karen and John deep in discussion in the gutter

Onwards and upwards

Back on the Gutter

The trig point on Knoutberry Haw where we stopped for our 11's

The summit of Tarn Rigg Hill with Pen-y-ghent, Ingleborough & Whernside in the distance

Dropping down to Grisdale Road Dandrymire Viaduct comes into view

A beautiful poppy we passed by the roadside

Looking across to Baugh Fell

Where has the bridleway gone!

Baugh Fell from Snaizwold Fell

The elusive trig point on Aye Gill Pike

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