Wednesday, 8th July 2015

Walk: Chipping Town End, Pate Farm, Gibbon Bridge, Sheep Cheese Farm, and (Extension) Leagram Deer Park and return past the derelict Chair Factory
Start Point: Chipping public car park with lunch at the Sun Inn Grid Reference: SD 622 432
Distance: 6 miles Ascent: 463 feet
Time: 3.25 hrs
Weather: Heavy  showers and  drizzle for most of the morning.
Comments: Nineteen walkers met for today’s walk led by Jeanette.  The rain didn’t help making a list of the required meals from the menu in the car park as the pub wouldn’t be open until our return.  By far the most popular choice was pie, mushy peas and chips!  The walk crossed several rough fields with wet long grass so gaiters and/or over trousers were really needed although it wasn’t particularly muddy underfoot.  The curious young heifers or bullocks were on their best behaviour, overawed by the numbers I expect as they had run after Jeanette when she was on her reccy.   The rain meant that the stiles and foot bridges  were particularly slippy,  so extra care had to be taken but there were no mishaps today; Christine came back clean!  We just skirted past the entrance to the Gibbon Bridge Hotel before heading off to the Sheep Cheese Farm.  The milk producing sheep were in a nearby field.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to stop and investigate the dairy as I’m sure they would have been pleased to sell us some cheese  if we had enquired. 
    The rain seemed to be setting in again when we arrived at the point where a short cut could be taken back to the village, so a few did just that. The majority of the group continued the walk on a good track past Leagram Hall through a lovely former deer park, but sadly no deer these days. Chipping Lawn Farm was undergoing some major redevelopment and barn restoration and we wondered at getting heavy plant and building supplies to this very isolated spot. On reaching the edge of Chipping  it was sad to see the dereliction of the chair factory which used to be such a thriving industry in the village. Back at the Sun Inn we enjoyed our meal at one refectory table, where there was a roaring fire to dry off our damp clothes – but it was a bit too warm for some of us.  Thank you Jeanette for a lovely walk – pity about the weather though.

The leader prior to a wet start to the walk

A wet Windy Street in Chipping

Beats other cheeses any day

It's supposed to be July not January

A country residence

Waterside refreshments ---

for these young ladies

More of the group

Queueing at a stile

An information board near to Leagram Hall

The same board with Longridge Fell beyond hidden in mist

This must be part of the cheese trail

Are these Blue Faced Leicesters and are they waiting ----

to be milked

Parlick Pike shrouded in mist

A hidden bridge over Dobson's Brook

The last stile of the walk

Cottages across from the former Chipping Chair Works

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