Sunday, 11th October 2015

Walk: Rantree Fold, Botton Mill,Lowgill, Tatham Fells, The Swans, Great Stone of Four Stones
Start Point: By the roadside at Slaidburn/Aikengill Road junction Grid Reference: SD 671 660
Distance: 9.5 miles Ascent: 1,500 feet
Time: 5.5 hours
Weather: A sunny Autumnal day, which lasted throughout the walk
Comments: 7  walkers set out from the junction of Slaidburn and Aikengill road, we walked along Aikengill road to eventually turn left at Rantree Fold, heading down into the valley and a remote church. Following a parallel path with the River Hindburn we headed towards Botton Mill and coffee. On through Lower Thrushgill and crossing the river to reach Botton Head and a lunch stop. After lunch we turned eastwards  heading on our return journey past The Swans, a Barn conversion which has taken 3 years to complete. Clear views to our right and the Tatham Fells and onwards to Lowgill and a junction on Aikengill Road where we passed on our way out. We crossed the road up to Usherwoods and the site of Great Stone of Four Stones. Leaving the stone we entered onto Slaidburn Road and back to the cars.
Great Stone or known locally as The Big Stone is a Glacial deposit on the moorlands of Tatham Fells. Large stones such as these were useful for boundary markers in the open countryside, this one is a marker between Lancashire and Yorkshire. The stone has 15 steps carved into the side to allow access to the top

Remote Church

Church gates

Quick map read

River crossing

Botton Mill

Lightning Tree

Some old Machine

A good sign

No not Silly Lane

Or did they?

I’m sure this is the way

Bridge obstruction

A quiet break

A tricky crossing


Great Stone

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