Sunday, 27th November 2016

Walk: Brothers Water, Priest’s Hole and Hartsop Above How Ridge
Start Point: Cow Bridge car park Grid Reference: NY 403 134
Distance: 8 miles Ascent: 2,300 feet
Time: 6.75 hours
Weather: Overcast, cool at start turning cold with height.

Setting off past Brothers Water we passed Hartsop Hall. Some way after, with the path becoming icy, our climb commenced, passing waterfalls on our way to the footbridge over Dovedale Beck. Missing the footbridge we continued our climb, later realising our error. With the error quickly sorted we continued our climb to the Priest’s Hole. This last stretch was no mean feat as our route was steep and covered with snow, in places knee deep.
With time pressing our route back was amended to the Hartsop above How ridge, but with more deep snow to plough through.
Six people in all had a fairly tough but exhilarating day.

Ready and raring to go

Our route takes us to the right of Brothers Water . . .

and to the left we can see Gray Crag and Hartsop Dodd

So far so good but it looks like there is plenty of snow up there

We soon walk beside Dovedale Beck . . .

where there is a lovely waterfall

Looking back down Dovedale as the sun catches the flanks of Hartsop Above How . . .

and more snow covered ridges come into view

What a difference a bit of height gain makes

Ascending towards the col between Hart Crag and Dove Crag

Group shot at the Priest's Hole . . .

where there are spectacular views . . .

across to Harstop Dodd and the fells beyond

Looking out from the Priest's Hole . . .

as Tony inspects the rock structure . . .

and features on the panoramic view

Descending from Priest’s Hole was as tricky as ascending but Kath is obviously enjoying it

Making our way to the ridge of Hartsop above How

A grassy area is the ideal spot for lunch

Our descent route looks to be more uphill but it’s not

Admiring the views . . .

as the mist creeps down from Hart Crag

Almost down but care was still needed

We finally make our way through the northern end of Low Wood

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