Sunday, 13th August 2017

Walk: Aldcliffe Marsh, Freeman Wood, Abraham Heights and Lancaster Canal at Aldcliffe
Start Point: Canal side lay-by at Aldcliffe Grid Reference: SD 469 604
Distance: 5 miles Ascent: 280 feet
Time: 3 hours
Weather: Warm and Sunny
Comments: Departing from a lay-by adjacent to the Lancaster Canal the group of fourteen used a lane, and field paths and former railway track to reach Aldcliffe Marsh on the River Lune.  From the marsh Snatchems could be seen on the opposite side of the Lune.  (The Golden Ball at Snatchems, on the bank of the River Lune, has been serving refreshment to travellers since 1650! Cool and refreshing in summer or warm and cheerful in winter, this has long been a place of peaceful sanctuary from a crazy world.  From the mid seventeenth century a hostelry has been sited on the edge of the river, some suggest the high tides aided smugglers; other say fishermen used the pub. The local name of snatchems stems from the pressgang days when tall ships set sail from the port of Lancaster they would send a boat over to the pub and make up any short fall in man power from 'Snatching' who they could.) At least four Jet Skiers used the River Lune in the vicinity of Golden Ball to perform on the high tide.  The group then headed inland to Freeman’s Pools and then skirting Abraham Heights returned via the Fairfield Community Millennium Orchard and the Lancaster Canal to the start point.  Another enjoyable walk with pleasant views that included the Lune Estuary, Black Combe, Lakeland Fells, The Pennines and a Cityscape of Lancaster

Two young ladies eager to start the walk

Take a right here

The leader in the centre - a hundred yards into the walk

On a narrow path between high hedges

Three ladies entering a meadow

The Golden Ball (Snatchems) at Oxcliffe Hill on the opposite side of the River Lune

One of four Jet Skiers on the Lune at Oxcliffe Hill

Taking in the view at Freeman's Pools

Autumn Fruits - a little early this year

Taking a break in Fairfields Community Millennium Orchard

Fruits of the orchard - with instructions to pick by giving the fruit a quarter turn when ripe

Re-cycled stone naming the orchard

More re-cycled stone in the orchard

Information seekers

Reflections in the Lancaster Canal

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