Wednesday, 25th April 2018

Walk: Drybones Wood, Burgh Lane, Saunders Bank, Duxbury Golf Course, Drybones and Birkacre Bridge
Start Point: Birkacre Garden Centre Grid Reference: SD 569 155
Distance: 5.5 miles Ascent: 600 feet
Time: 3 hours
Weather: Dry and Sunny (not rain as forecast)

Passing through the Yarrow Valley in the Birkacre area, with its many woods with trees turning green and its many wild flowers, it is difficult to envisage that not long ago it was very industrial.  The old mill ponds at the beginning and end of the walk were the site of former cotton mills.  It would appear that Richard Arkwright leased a mill at Birkacre from the Chadwick Family and installed some of the new machinery that he had invented.  However, because people were being put out of work by the new factories that were springing up, in October 1779 a mob of “Machine Breakers” set about Arkwright’s mill and did cause serious damage to it.  On hand nearby where coal mines such as Drybones Colliery, Burgh Colliery and Calf Hey Colliery.  The walk through the Yarrow valley was undulating and a little muddy in places but the new leaves on the trees, bird song and wild flowers along the way made a pleasant change from the harshness of winter.   There were many coal mines/pits in the locality, including Drybones Colliery of which the sealed pit head is still visible.   The walk also incorporated an old colliery rail track at Burgh Lane.  A nice walk with good food at the Garden Centre.

The walk used part of this route

Heading for the woods and Burgh Lane

A sturdy bridge over the River Yarrow

Marsh Marigolds - gives an indication of the ground conditions

A wise old owl

Time out for Tea at Duxbury Golf Course

Walking through spring greenery alongside the Yarrow

When is a dog not a dog ---

when it's a wayside monument

Quagmire seems to be an apt word for this stretch of path

An octogenarian mounts a difficult boardwalk ready to ---

climb many steps

A footbridge beside the River Yarrow and ---

another one crossing it

Early Bluebells

The Backmarker in action

What's the attraction ---

this Heron and ---

and its habitat

Seen towards the end of the walk

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