Sunday, 8th April 2018

Walk: Middleforth, Avenham Park, Winckley Square, Old Tram Road
Start Point: Hurst Grange Park Car Park, Hill Road, Penwortham Grid Reference: SD 524 280 
Distance: 4.9 miles Ascent: 120 feet
Time: 2.5 hours
Weather: Mainly overcast with a little sun late in the walk

The group of seventeen, including two children, wandered down to the River Ribble at Middleforth and walked upstream to a disused railway bridge.  Here they crossed the river and slowly made their way through Avenham Park to Winckley Square which is an old part of Preston.  After a short break and information about Edith Rigby, a Suffragette who at one time resided in Winckley Square, the group passed by the former Harris Art College to walk along Avenham Colonnade.  Re-crossing the river via the Old Tram Bridge they then proceeded along the Old Tram Road to Penwortham Junction to follow an old railway to Leyland Road.  They then returned to the start point via Prospect Place and Park Way and Valley Road. The photographs were taken by the leader's six and nine year old grandchildren with a little help from aunty.  On the return along Valley Road two new members were able to purchase fresh laid eggs.  They were even told which hen laid them.

The start point for the walk

No time for a slide today

Ascending a river flood defence at Middleforth

The River Ribble

Catching Up

The former Park Hotel, Preston

Avenaham Park - taken by a six year old

The Japanese Gardens in Avenham Park - taken by Michael aged 6

A reminder that Easter was only a week ago

A close up

Another view of Avenham Park with Magnolia about to burst into bloom

Leaving the park for East Cliff & Winckley Square

The leader imparting information about Vicars Bridge

The north side of Winckley Square

In Winckley Square Gardens - once shared by the surrounding house owners

James Bond was a Gardener at 31 Winckley Square

Ample seating provided in the Gardens

This seat is for three

The leader telling his group about the Suffragette Edith Rigby who lived in Winckley Square

Part of the fascade of the Harris Institute College of Art

Prospect Place, Middleforth Green

The Park Hotel a few days earlier

The River Ribble a few days earlier

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