Wednesday, 3rd January 2018

Walk: Woodland Road to Ansdell Station, minor road to meet railway line and A5261, into Witch Wood, passed entrance Lytham Hall, Ballam Raod, Green Drive, Saltcotes Road to A584, Lytham Promenade and Green. Divert through Lowther Gardens  and into Witch Wood and return to pub along the main road.
Start Point: Blossoms Sizzling Pub. Lytham Grid Reference: SD 348 281
Distance: 6 miles Ascent: 53 feet accumulative – two railway bridges!
Time: 2.75 hours
Weather: Wonderful considering the forecast!!  Bright and sunny but windy, especially along the exposed sea front.  Short shower towards end of walk just to spoil things a little.

The forecast was for very strong winds along the coast, after very heavy rain overnight. It was remarkable then to have 21 brave souls turned up for the New Year walk. I had planned to avoid the coast by going through the grounds of Lytham Hall but although the tea shop was accessible, the grounds were closed to walkers, for fear of falling branches in the woods. I was hoping to cut through the grounds behind the house. We took our break along the length of Green Drive, occupying all the benches! After which we braved the sea front. Very few of us had ever seen the sea so high at Lytham and enjoyed facing into the wind as we walked along. The tide was still coming in, backed by the wind, so there were few waves, quite flat in fact, to the disappointment of some of the group. At the Windmill it was decided to head for the more sheltered main road across the green, but eight opted to continue along the promenade. We headed further inland at Lowther Gardens and returned to the pub via Witch Wood. By this time all the group had come together again, as it had started to rain heavily and in the strong wind, it was stinging the faces of those on the prom. We were more sheltered in the woods.

The Blossoms turned out to be an excellent venue for lunch. Most took advantage of the ‘2 meals for £8.50’ offer and were very pleased with the quality and quantity of the food. Everybody was served promptly by very pleasant staff. Worth remembering for a future walk.

Passing through Witch Wood, Lytham

Inspecting a Memorial Seat in Witch Park for Segeant Nigel Coupe
who died in Afganistan on 6 March 2012

Witch was a horse owned by the Clifton Family
that died 130 years ago

The entrance to Lytham Hall - the grounds were closed
because of gale force winds and falling trees

Take a break and sit in the sun - there's room for five inside

On the way to the Sea via Green Drive

Is this a sign of Beaver activity?

A first glimpse of the high tide at Lytham

Heads bent as they face the gale force winds on the Lancashire Coastal Way on Lytham Green

The rear of Lytham Windmill

The sun shines on Lytham Windmill - ten minutes later there was horizontal rain

Anchor aweigh

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