Sunday, 18th March 2018

Walk: Orton
Start Point: Orton Grid Reference: NY 621 082 
Distance: 3 miles Ascent: 150 feet
Time: 2 hours
Weather: Very cold with strong wind causing snow drifts

Four of us braved the weather and only managed to do 3 miles and very little ascent.
Our route was through snow covered fields and snow drifts almost waist deep which had to be negotiated.
Abandoning our route a short cut was proposed but even this was blocked by deep snow.
With no other options we had no choice but to retrace our steps back to Orton.

Arriving in Orton . . .

there is lots of room to park

Looks like the residents haven't moved their cars yet

Following the footpath sign . . .

we soon find the going difficult . . .

or even impossible (or should that be impassable?)!

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