Wednesday, 28th March 2018

Walk: Arley Farm, Further Lane, Wallbanks House, Alum Scar Bridge, Close Farm and Butlers Delph
Start Point: Clog & Billycock, Pleasington Grid Reference: SD 652 282 
Distance: 4.5 miles Ascent: 500 feet
Time: 2.75 hours
Weather: Mainly dry but with a couple of showers including hail

The route was down to Arley Brook and along Further Lane.  Then across fields to Wallbanks House to pick up a lane and track to Alum Scar Bridge.  After a short break there was a long ascent to Close Farm in order to follow the Witton Weavers Way to Butlers Delph.  A short length of footpath then descended to the Clog & Billycock where most of the twenty walkers enjoyed a well presented and served meal.  Alum Mines were formerly worked at Alum Crag, near to the confluence of the Arley or Alum House Brook with the River Darwen, were once of some celebrity, in 1617 when James I was at Hoghton Tower he visited these mines.  They were worked with varying success until the latter part of the 18th century. One of the uses for Alum was to fix dyes when dying cloth.

A pre-walk chat

The Backmarker escorts a young lady to Alum Scar

Alum Scar Bridge over the River Arley is Historic England Listed

Part of the group taking a break at Alum Scar Bridge

The rest of the group take a break on a track once used by horses and carts to haul Alum

A long uphill trek once used by horse drawn vehicles

Taking a short break to get one's breath back after the steep climb

Three quartrers of the way around at Close Farm

Mr Wainwright resting at Butlers Delph on the Witton Weavers Way

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