Sunday, 27th May 2018

Walk: Bullpot Farm, Crag Hill, Great Coum, Combe Scar, Calf Top, Castle Knott & Eskhome Pike
Start Point: Barbon Village Hall Grid Reference: SD 627 823 
Distance: 15.5 miles Ascent: 3,750 feet
Time: 7 hours
Weather: Sunny but very windy

We left Barbon thinking it was going to be a mild sunny day, but by the time we had passed Bullpot Farm on our way up to our first summit, Crag Hill, we realised just how windy it was. This made climbing the rugged open access land to the summit quite draining as we battled our way head on into the wind with hats being blown from our heads.

From Crag Hill we continued on to Great Coum from where we dropped down to Barbondale Road. We stopped for lunch just before the road by High Lathe Gill where there was shelter from the wind. The climb from here up to the Calf ridge was steep, but there  were great views over Dentdale and across to the Howgills. We followed the ridge across Calf Top, Castle Knott and Eskholme Pike before dropping back down to Barbon.

There were four on this very interesting walk!

Setting off through Barbon . . .

we pass the church

The bluebells are still out

We follow the track up to Bullpot Farm

On our way to Crag Hill

Crag Hill summit where it is very windy

Following Green Lane track to Occupation Road

A short road walk . . .

before we set off climbing up to Combe Top with Crag Hill in the distance

It's a steep climb to the ridge!

Looking back with Dent in the distance

Following the ridge

Calf Top . . .

and again

We then head off for Castle Knott . . .

where it is still very windy

Eskholme Pike

Looking back down to Barbon

Back to the church

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