Sunday, 2nd September 2018

Walk: Gatescarth Pass, Mosedale Cottage, Old Corpse Road, Mardale Head, Gatescarth Pass
Start Point: Sadgill Grid Reference: NY 483 057 
Distance: 13 mls Ascent: 3,200 ft
Time: 7.25 hours
Weather: A dry start and end but heavy drizzle for much of the time

Given a choice of 3 routes the group opted for a visit to Mosedale Cottage before following the Old Corpse Road to Haweswater and Mardale Head. Bravely tackling the fourth, and hardest climb of the day (1 mile and 1,100 feet!), we returned to the cars over the Gatescarth Pass.

Due to heavy drizzle for the middle part of the walk it wasn't possible to take photos of Haweswater, showing the effects of the recent dry spell. Consequently photos from the recce 3 weeks earlier have been included.

The Gatescarth Pass Permit Scheme allows motorcyclists
and 4 x 4s to access this route one day per month.

Coincidentally our walk took place on the September date.

In the main the cyclists were very considerate when passing walkers . . .

but a group of 8 together was a bit much (too many fumes!)

Waterfalls are beginning to be more effective with the recent rain

Sheep Bridge - but where are the sheep?

Mosedale Cottage comes into view

Most bothies are at least several hours walk from the public road

They are monitored by the Mountain Bothies Association . . .

and visitors often leave essentials for others to use

We arrive in time for our morning break . . .

but no-one looks keen on continuing the walk

A bothy was originally farm accommodation for itinerant workers

The next few photos were taken on the recce . . .

and clearly show . . .

the various water levels . . .

during the long dry spell

Ruins of walls can be seen . . .

and even what may have been an access road

The water now reaches the wall that travels half way across the reservoir

Checking out the return route . . .

as we make our way . . .

back down the Gatescarth Pass

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