Thursday, 12th May 2016

We're finding our feet, working as a team in Path Maintenance,
today perfecting our Litter Management.

This week is our third session, and it is Garstang Walking
Festival, so the Wyre Rangers are not available, but Rambler
member and Ranger volunteer, Chris, acted as link with equipment
and disposal of the fruits of our labours on Fleetwood Beach.


It's not practical to have a huge group, which is why members are stating their interest in advance, and gloves, equipment and work can be planned accordingly.
Tonight twelve of us were delighted with our workplace and weather, in comparison with last session's urban location, freezing wind and hail showers.
Left to right: Gina, John, Marie, Chris, Cath, Karen, Ian, Dave, Betsy, June, Robb

Betsy demonstrates a graceful grabber style as we proceed along the beach, finding more dug-in detritus like plastic waste and hessian sacks than recently deposited litter.


Amid the kite surfers, a warm spring evening on the beach
feels more social than hard work.


Once again, we've amassed, packed and stacked a fair pile of overlooked rubbish, although Fleetwood beach does give the impression of being well-maintained.
Left to right: June, Gina, Chris, Betsy, John.


It's Fylde Ramblers Chair, Robb's birthday and Karen and Ian still have
the energy to threaten him with the Birthday Bumps.........


........whilst Chris gets us back on the job, tying and storing the bags for disposal. Thanks for getting us equipped and organised, Chris!


Then the majority of the group seek refreshment in the
North Euston Hotel across the road.
Cheers, Robb! Happy Birthday!


And the sun sinks gently over a beach which has benefitted
from a little TLC from Fylde Ramblers!

If you would like to join the team either regularly of just an odd time,
please see details of activities and contacts on the 'masterplan' at the start of this diary.


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