Footpath Diary 2017


We plan to meet regularly to clear maintenance items such as overgrown hedges and stiles. The type of work needed will be listed on the website so that you can decide which days will suit you. Check the list below for information about dates and tasks.



Many of our members will recall a time when the local footpaths were walked on a regular basis and reports made to Stewart. We are now looking to revive this activity and WE NEED YOU!

  1. Some members have started walking the footpaths of Fylde to check the backlog of complaints accumulated by LCC.  Anyone wishing to help should contact John.
  2. Maps and details of complaints will be provided and your findings should then be reported back to John.
  3. Contact: John on 01772 682740 or
Monday, 27th February

Footpath 15 Medlar with Wesham
Unblocking the path at the rear of Butterworth Close, Wesham.

John, Betsy, Pat
Monday, 6th March Footpath 15 Medlar with Wesham
Continuation of work started last week.
John, Betsy, Pat
Monday, 13th March Footpath 15 Medlar with Wesham
Continuing on from last week this work is almost completed.
Monday, 20th March Last session to complete the clearance of Footpath 15.