Thursday, 26th May 2016

Our Fourth Session

Weather-wise it had been a gloomy, wet day and eight of us gathered near Sunset Park caravan park to target an overgrown path on Sower Carr Lane, Hambleton. However, the rain held off and we cleared the whole path very effectively.

Duncan, our Ranger, could not be persuaded to join our debrief at The Shovels later, and our minds wandered off the footpaths to enjoy an excellent supper and participate in the Thursday quiz. A good evening all round!


"Loppers, shears, secateurs, saws........remember the safety training?"
Excitement mounts as Wyre Ranger, Duncan describes the task ahead.


"We're not here to enjoy ourselves;
we have path maintenance to do"
David, Pat, Robb.


"This is the path. It follows the farm land right up to a field stile"
Path? What path?


.....and looking the other way. Virtually impassable.
"Sturdy footwear, gloves, cutting tools, shears, rakes. OK, let's go".


"Let's make room for ourselves, first", says June.
"It's a bit of a squash".


"Above, around, below.
The vegetation is coming at us from all sides."
Robb and June


"Make sure there's enough clearance for width and height",
advises Chris whilst Duncan brings up the rear.
"Phew," says Gina, "This is really hard on your back."
Anticipating some aches in the morning after repetitive actions in a tight space, nevertheless we found the equipment sharp and efficient, pretty much like the users!


Cath demonstrates ground clearance techniques,
sharply and efficiently, but......
"What's that noise?"




Finally, silence, thank goodness.
"The peace of the countryside. Back to business."


"Trees, shrubs, brambles, grass. We need a good clear path and the
clippings are raked to one side to die down, rather than taking them away."
Two Davids on the job.


We prove again that many hands make light work.
"Look! The footpath is emerging nicely."


The hawthorn blossom smells beautiful in the
damp evening air but still needs trimming back.
"I'm going to see how far this path goes", says David B
and leaves David S to be smothered in falling petals.


"Well, this stile must be the limit of the footpath as beyond is a meadow," says David.
He and Gina agree on a course of action......


......and set to work.


The photographer downs tools for a few minutes
to enjoy the view and look at the progress


You can almost smell the wildflower meadow and the hawthorn blossom.


This stile was hidden from view,
now exposed at both sides, with a waymarker,
but retaining plenty of greenery for wildlife habitats


"A rake with a rake. Smile."
Duncan in hi-viz safety clothing, with Cath in
barmy headgear at odds with the balmy evening.
The results are astonishing after a couple of hours.
The seat is a former broken stile.


"We're not finished until everything is checked in, put away and accounted for".
"I enjoyed that."
"Which pub are we going to?"
"Hey, come back with those gloves!"


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