Thursday, 25th August 2016


Summer maintenance on the busy footpath beside the Wyre Estuary at Skippool Creek.
A typical British summer's evening with clouds playing cat-and-mouse with the sun,
muddy underfoot with the threat of rain not realised until after dark, warm, humid -
something for everyone!


Hedgerow harvest. Chris finds supper all ready! Nettle soup and blackberry pie?
To cull or not to cull? That is the question.


This is a busy footpath so we get stuck in, ensuring height and
width is well cut back to accommodate everyone.


Plenty of leisure activities along this interesting waterway.


Shabby chic carried to the extreme.


Some of the busy boatmen, plus the ship's cat, take a break to watch us work.


We said it is a busy thoroughfare:
the cricket club, sailing club, horse riders,
walkers, cyclists.........


and runners. This was a sociable evening and
we felt our work was appreciated.


Oh, and the photographer did her bit too.


Pretty maids all in a row: Marie, Betsy, Gina demonstrating,
not resting, on the newly exposed seating log.


Final round up. Graeme counts us in, eight in total, although June was
on a special mission down the tow path. Left to right: Fylde Ramblers
Chair Robb, Chris, Betsy, Marie, Gina, David S, Wyre Ranger Graeme, David B.
Since we began this project in April, weather and light have been changeable
and now it's apparent that the day is fading as we end our work.


Spoilt for choice. Two Davids and several dozen thirst quenchers at the River Wyre.


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