Thursday, 28th July 2016

At the end of a miserable and wet day, the prospect of path maintenance loomed as grey and dismal as the countryside. The rain abated slightly, then played cat-and-mouse with us, but with the woodland cover beyond Scorton Picnic Site, we were well sheltered. Ten Fylde Ramblers worked along the popular paths, lopping back low branches, removing brambles and nettles and generally continuing a clearance programme which is relentless at this time of year, along with our familiar friend (fiend?) Himalayan Balsam.

Wyre Ranger Graeme enjoys giving us background information to the tasks in hand; the responsibilities and restraints of the countryside job, keen that we also glimpse the rewards, such as the opportunity to find wildlife habitats and see which creatures share these woodland paths as dusk begins to fall.


Getting together the garb and the gear.
Get ready.........Get steady.........


Wyre Ranger Graeme, on the left, with left to right: David S,
Marie, John, David B, Cath B, June, Kath A.


Rainy day rays of sunshine - Marie and Robb


In spite of the persistently wet day, everyone seemed glad to be out


Robb and Graeme find traces and footmarks that mink and otters
have been here by the river recently


Time to clear away. Back through the woods to the vehicle


All the equipment is counted in........


And, damp or not, everyone seems pleased with progress.
We're now just over halfway through our planned sessions.


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