Thursday, 9th June 2016

Our fifth session, today lopping back trees and shrubs before the low-growing vegetation is strimmed back tomorrow. Our site, a footpath behind Springfield Terrace, Fleetwood. Eight of us set to work, eager to utilise our new signs to advertise that Ramblers have worked to improve the footpaths.

We quickly learned the difference between cow parsley, hemlock and giant hogweed, these last two being toxic, yet all looking very much the same and hemlock being rife along the pathway and with grim associations to poisoners.


Eager to begin, with a couple of latecomers bringing up the rear


David protects his head and eyes from falling foliage.
Is Chairman Robb flaunting the Health and Safety dress code?


I'm in charge......Chairman Robb is in possession of a formidable blade, as a tool of the job (but the standard tools were sufficient)


We clear back far enough to last several weeks, otherwise the fast summer growth would quickly obliterate our work.


Jeanette prepares to install our very first 'we were here' plaque!


The far end of the path meets the disused railway line.
Beyond this, Pat disturbed an owl in the undergrowth.
David B gets on with the job in hand;
no time to explore in our tight two hour slot


Last task. Wyre Ranger, Keith affixes another 'job done' (for now) plaque


All that's missing is the word 'Fylde'


It's not too late to eat and we feel we've deserved it......
David B, Betsy, Pat, Gina with David S and John in the foreground guess who deserved this treat!


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