Thursday, 22nd September 2016

Six Fylde Ramblers were in a race against the fast darkening evenings and managed a very effective 75 minute path maintenance session, which nevertheless gave a cumulative 8 hours work with Wyre Ranger, Keith, and cleared a footpath at Skippool Creek and an early supper at the River Wyre. Many hands make light work!


The footpath is passable but will benefit from cutting back the nettles,
undergrowth and encroaching branches.


David gets to work on the undergrowth whilst Wyre Ranger, Keith,
finds some handy timber, maybe useful later.
The evening light is lovely at both ends of the footpath,
so we are joined by an army of midges - a nuisance, but no bites!


Some of the sizeable sycamore saplings are diseased and cutting back is very timely


Nevertheless, culling the encroaching low-growing plants
will make the route easier


The light is fading fast, but it's been a beautiful evening


The footpath is very much more open by the time we pack up to leave


September sundown at Skippool - a serene scene as supper beckons at the pub!


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