Grading of Walks




Walks are graded on the basis of:

Distance is also relevant and is given separately


Suitability: suitable for anyone unless they have mobility difficulty, a specific health problem or are seriously unfit. Pushchairs may have to be lifted over the occasional obstruction. Comfortable shoes or trainers can be worn.

Terrain: mostly along easy paths with good surfaces, perhaps with a few gentle climbs and no lengthy or sustained ascents. Minimum of obstructions (including stiles) and no long or difficult flights of steps.

Pace: slow


Suitability: for reasonably fit people with at least a little experience of walking in the country. Walking boots and warm waterproof clothing are recommended.

Terrain: includes unsurfaced paths that may be narrow, uneven, muddy or overgrown and obstructions such as stiles, narrow bridges, steeping stones and steps. May be hilly with a few ascents and descents, and may also include walks that would otherwise be graded as easy or easy access but are longer than 5 miles.

Pace: slow or moderate pace, could include otherwise easy walks taken at a moderate pace.


Suitability: for people with country walking experience and a good level of fitness. Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are essential.

Terrain: as for Leisurely walks, but with some sustained climbs and perhaps some moderate walking on open hillsides or moorland in the warmer months.

Pace: moderate pace, could include walks on leisurely terrain taken at a brisk pace.


Suitability: for experienced country walkers with an above average level of fitness. Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are essential. People in doubt about their fitness are advised to contact the Leader in advance.

Terrain: includes rough country and mountains, a few long or lots of short ascents and descents on rough paths and across open country.

Pace: moderate or brisk pace, could include walks on moderate terrain at a brisk pace.