Angletarn Pikes


Height: 1,857 feet   566 metres

Ranking: 143
Grid Ref: NY 414 148
Map: North-eastern Area
Book: Far Eastern Fells


Sunday, 17th September 2017 Steel Knotts, High Raise, Kidsty Pike, Brock Crags, Angletarn Pikes, Beda Fell 13.5 mls 3,800 ft 6.75 hrs Strenuous
Sunday, 29th January 2017 Myers Head lead mine, Rest Dodd, The Nab & Angletarn Pikes 10.2 mls 3,230 ft 6.25 hrs Strenuous
Sunday, 27th May 2012

Hartsop, The Knott, Kidsty Pike, High Raise, Rampsgill Head, Rest Dodd, Satura Crag, Angletarn Pikes, Brock Crags, Hartsop

12 mls 3,870 feet 7.25 hrs Strenuous
Saturday, 6th August 2011

Hartsop, Angletarn Crags, Brock Crags & Rest Dodd

7 mls 2,500 ft 5.5 hrs Moderate
Sunday, 30th May 2010

Hartsop, Gray Crag, Thornthwaite Crag, High Street, The Knott, Rest Dodd, Satura Crag, Brock Crags, Angletarn Pikes, Boredale Hause

10.7 mls 3, 630 feet 6 hrs Strenuous
Sunday 15th June 2008

Beda Fell - Lower slopes of Place Fell for Beckside, Beda Fell, Angletarn Pikes and Brock Crags

13 mls 3,200 ft 6.5 Strenuous
Sunday, 27th April 2008

Gray Crag, Thornthwaite Crag, High Street, The Knott, Angletarn Pikes

10 mls 2,900 ft 7 hrs Strenuous

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