Selside Pike


Height: 2,142 feet   653 metres

Ranking: 111
Grid Ref: NY 491 112
Map: South-eastern Area
Book: Far Eastern fells


Sunday, 23rd August 2015 Harper Hills, Hare Shaw, The Corpse Road, Selside, Branstree, Gatesgarth Pass, Harter Fell, Nan Bield Pass, Mardale Ill Bell, High Street, Straits of Riggindale, Rampsgill Head, High Raise, Measand Beck 16 mls 3,900 ft 8 hrs Strenuous
Sunday, 28th April 2013

Wet Sleddale Reservoir, Sleddale Hall, Old Corpse Road, Selside, Artlecrag Pike, Branstree, Mosedale House

14 mls 2,700 ft 7 hrs Strenuous
Saturday, 1st October 2011

Gatescarth Pass, Branstree & Artle Crag Pike, Selside, Hobgrumble Gill, Swindale and the Old Corpse Road.

8.9 mls 2,780 ft 6.5 hrs Saturday walks
Saturday, 3rd April 2010

Gatescarth Pass, Branstree/ Artle Crag, Survey Pillar, Selside, Swindale Head and Old Corpse Road back to Haweswater.

8 mls 2,740 ft 6 hrs Saturday walks
Sunday, 24th May 2009

Rough crag and Riggindale crag on ascent to High Street, followed by Mardale Ill Bell, Harter Fell, Branstree and Selside Pike

10.5 mls 3,800 feet 6 hrs Strenuous
Sunday, 22nd February 2009

Sadgill, Great Howe, Grey Crag, Harrop Pike, Tarn Crag, Branstree, Artlecrag Pike, Selside Pike, Gatescarth Pass, Longsleddale

10.5 mls 3,500 ft 6.75 hrs Strenuous

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