Striding Out in Northumberland
Norma & Brenda Worthington

In the first week of September we joined a group of walkers at a walking holiday centre in Alnmouth.  There were walks on five days with the Wednesday being a free day.  We were fed and watered in style and provided with lunches each day.  There were three walks on offer each day and we chose to do the moderate ones.



31st August - 6th September 2008

Walking holiday based at Alnmouth in Northumberland

Five days of walking and one free day. Leaders and transport were provided.


[Day 1: Alnmouth to Dunstanburgh]

[Day 2: Harbottle to Clennell Hall]

[Day 3: Belford Circular]

[Day 4: Alnwick (free day)]

[Day 5: Wooler Circular]

[Day 6: High Newton to Banbury]


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