Backpacking Along Hadrian's Wall
with Phil and Eric


83 miles, 6,346 ft

June 2011


Hadrian’s Wall covers 84 miles and is designated a world heritage site along its entire length. It is a relatively easy to follow route with few hard gradients and is a must for anyone interested in Roman history. Although harder to find campsites at suitable intervals than on most walks (wild camping is strictly forbidden) other kinds of accommodation are available in the form of Hotels, B&B & bunkhouses etc. although these can get booked up in the summer months so the advice is “book early”. There are also excellent train and bus links, including the Hadrian’s Wall bus which runs end to end twice a day in summer.

Most guide books recommend walking “East to West” however, we chose ”West to East” for logistical purposes, leaving the car on a farm at the Solway end of the walk and returning by train (Newcastle to Carlisle). We took seven days to complete the walk but anyone wishing to visit all the Roman sites would need longer.


[Day 1: Bowness on Solway to Grinsdale]

[Day 2: Grinsdale to Laversdale]

[Day 3: Laversdale to Greenhead]

[Day 4: Greenhead to Winsheilds farm]

[Day 5: Winshields farm to Chollerford]

[Day 6: Chollerford to Heddon-on-the Wall]

[Day 7: Heddon-on-The Wall to Wallsend]


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