Camping on the Lleyn Peninsula

07/06/10 - 13/07/10


Having done long distance backpacking walks for the past few years we were faced with the question of “what to do in 2008”? It had to be something that would fit into 7 days as both Eric and myself have yet to join the ranks of the retired so walking holidays (without wives) are still at a premium. I had previously considered the Lleyn Peninsula (described as one of the best walks in Wales) 2 years earlier and on re-visiting the details it seemed to fit the bill distance wise. Eric agreed and so after weeks of planning over the winter months we set out on the 6th of June to camp at Caernarfon ready for an early start the following day.

Date - 06/06/07 to 13/06/07
Total distance covered - 85.3 miles
Total Ascent - 10,024 ft

The statistics above are for our walk but the Lleyn has several “alternative” routes which allow the walker to vary the distance and duration. For those with more sense who prefer conventional B&B’s to camping, a wide variety of accommodation is available along with baggage transfer etc. The Welsh tourist office in Pwllheli was excellent in providing information and even a free guide booklet with detail maps of each section. However you choose to the walk do we are sure you will enjoy it.

[Day 1: Caernarfon to Bryn-yi-Eryr]

[Day 2: Bryn-yi-Eryr to Wern]

[Day 3: Wern to Porth Colmon]

[Day 4: Porth Colmon to Aberdaron]

[Day 5: Aberdaron to Sarn Bach]

[Day 6: Sarn Bach to Abererch]

[Day 7: Abererch to Porthmadog]


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