Walking in Fjordland Norway

02/07/10 to 16/07/10

Join me on another Ramblers Worldwide Holiday, described in the brochure as follows:
'The tour is based in three centres, each with a very different character - and the journeys between, by road, by train, boat and ferry are breathtaking. During the tour we cross the world's biggest fjord, the Sognefjord, travel along it by express boat, go through the world's longest road tunnel and take the world famous Flåm railway cut into the almost vertical mountainside. Mountain lakes and waterfalls abound.'


Click on the links below to find out what each day had to offer:

[Day 1: Bergen]

[Day 2: Bordalsgjelet Gorge, Voss]

[Day 3: Hangur & Slettafjellet, Voss]

[Day 4: Bordalen Valley, Voss]

[Day 5: Slondalen & Wilderness Lakes, Voss]

[Day 6: Ridge Walk, Voss]

[Day 7: Voss to Flåm and Lærdal]

[Day 8: Oftedalen Valley, Lærdal]

[Day 9: Galdane & Borgund, Lærdal]

[Day 10: Lærdal to Dragsvik]

[Day 11: Balestrand & Raudmelen, Dragsvik]

[Day 12: Vagsnes, Dragsvik]

[Day 13: Tjuatoten, Dragsvik]

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