Sixteenth Annual Scottish Walking Trip
with G-Line

22nd March to 27th March 2015 

St Anne's Ramblers use G-Line coaches for their annual trip to Scotand, each year a different destination, joined for most of these years by Fylde Ramblers, and providing different levels of walks on four days.

Ten Fylde Ramblers joined the trip this year, staying at the impressive Crieff Hydro Hotel, set in 900 acres of beautiful Perthshire countryside.

We were remarkably fortunate with reasonable conditions underfoot and warm sunshine and clear skies every day. Just to remind us not to shed our thermals, there was a heavy snowfall in the early hours of Thursday but the winter wonderland swiftly melted away.

The River Tay from Pine Cone Point, near Dunkeld

Ian, Pat and Judith. A splendid shelter for lunch

The Braan waterfall at Ossian's Hall, Dunkeld area

Melville's Monument to Henry Dundas, first Viscount Melville, at the top of Dun More near Comrie ---June, Chris and Pam enjoy the sun, then from this magnificent sky it began to snow!

Inflation. The six bob cost of spending a penny

Local walking with views of Crieff from The Knock and Loggan Hill

Looking to the Cairngorms

Samson's Stone, a single glacial erratic at Trowan

Lady Mary's Walk, a lovely avenue of trees beside the River Earn

Home and dry. View from Crieff Hydro

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