Walking in the Drakensberg Mountains

South Africa


Join me on an adventure to see spectacular scenery and enjoy glorious weather, crossing fast flowing rivers and visiting caves to see rock art from hundreds of years ago. An 11 hour flight took me from Heathrow to Johannesburg and a 6 hour coach transfer saw the Ramblers Worldwide Holidays group arriving at a top quality hotel in the Cathedral Peak area of the Drakensberg Mountains. Our adventure had begun! Click on the links below to join us on the walks.

[Day 1: Rainbow Gorge]

[Day 2: Mushroom Rock]

[Day 3: Neptune's Pools]

[Day 4: Doreen Falls and Tryme Hill]

[Day 5: Doreen Falls and Blue Pools]

[Day 6: Baboon Rock]

[Day 8: Silent Woman and Echo Cave]

[Day 9: Sugar Loaf Hill]

[Day 10: Tugela Gorge]

[Day 11: Hlolela and Battleship]

[Day 12: Surprise Ridge and Castle Rocks]

[Day 13: Camel's Hump and Cannibal Cave]


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