High and Wild with Garry

Two weeks trekking in the rarified world of mountain huts, rarely descending below 2,000 metres (6,561 feet)

A Ramblers' Holiday in the Stubai Alps,

leaving from and returning to Innsbruck.

The Stubai Alps have a wildness and remoteness to them. They are generally unencumbered by ski development, and provide a thrilling high-mountain experience. The first part of the route to the north of the valley offers dramatic views of the snow-clad peaks on the Italian border including the Zuckerhütl, Wilder Pfaff and Wilder Freiger, all around the 3,500m mark. Later, between the Dresdner and Bremer Huts, we pass along the flank of these great mountains. Our route is along well-trodden paths, challenging, rough and steep at times with occasional fixed ropes and ladders, regularly crossing passes around the 2,700m level. One of the great things about the Stubai is that after relatively short hikes between huts, on arrival at many of the huts we have the option to climb extra peaks, which merit the B grade.

We spend three nights at the Franz Senn Hut, having the option to climb the Rinnenspitze (3,000m) and the Aperer Turm (2,966m) for views of hanging glaciers. We should also be able to climb the Roter Kogel (2,832m) from the Potsdamer Hut, the Innere Wetterspitze (3,053m) from the Bremer Hut, culminating in an ascent of the Habicht (3,277m) from the Innsbrucker Hut if conditions allow.


Looking towards the mountains from the balcony of the Gasthof Hotel in Fulpmes


The group - why don't I look like a real walker? (Can you spot the 2 who are hiding?)


View from the first peak, Niederer Burgstall


The Oberbergtal from Hoher Burgstall. Wow - what a view!


The Kalkkögel


Our first hut - Adolf Pichler Hütte


Climbing the Gamskögel - note the scree path we just used


A patriotic cow




Descending to Hut 2 - the Potsdomer


An afternoon stroll . . .


on the Kastengrat


Luxury bunkhouse!


Perfect Alpine morning


Wildkopf - first peak of the day


Afternoon refreshments


Balcony path to the Franz-Senn hut (just visible)


Further up the valley


Nice tarn, the Rinnensee. I spent 4 hours there while most of the others climbed a peak. More fool them.


But I did climb this one - Rinnennieder


Glacier view from the top!


Nice gentians being photographed




Perfect arch at glacier snout




Not Niagara - glacial meltwater


Apple Strudel - well I am on holiday


Up we go!


Heading over scree to the col


View from Schrammnieder Pass


Our leader on the scary Basslerjoch Ridge


Signposts. The times are all lies!


Bad step - again!


Early lunch




The big mountain in the middle is Zuckerhütl - Stubai's biggest


Swim? Not me!!


The hut, Dresdner, at last


Climbing the Trögler


Me on top of Trögler - best mountain so far


Coming down . . .


then along a ridge


What - only lunch?


Afternoon climb


A perfect photo!


Rest day and we climb this bugger


Over snow


That's the Wilder Freiger, too technical so we stop here on the Gamspitze


6am from the hut. Yawn, but hey, what a view!


Narrow bridge


Looking back to the Nürnberger Hütte - small white building


Swampy bit


More dodgy bits


Leaving the Bremer Hut - note cable car


Geschnitztal in cloud


Cloud inversion . . .


a spectacular sight


Stubai's 3 peaks. The famous Tribulaum.


No, I hadn't heard of them either!


Descent to the final hut - the Innsbrucker


The big one! Habicht (10,500 feet) The rocky slabs were much trickier than they looked


First view of the summit


Made it!


Amazing view


Others got up, too. After me of course. Ha! Ha!


Early morning descent back to the valley and civilisation


Gets more wooded


The villages. Now where's that beer?

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