Across the Alps


The walk started in Germany and over the following two weeks we passed into Austria, Switzerland and finally Italy. With some dramatic scenery our route lead us up valleys, mountain passes and peaks, some of them over 3000m (10,000ft) high. Our route also took in some rather tricky paths, skirting around rock faces and up deep gorges.
Accommodation for the trip was mainly in four person bunk accommodation in mountain huts, although we also had to put up with an off season 4 star hotel, complete with sauna, and simple two person rooms in local B&B’s.
As the walk was from hut to hut, food for lunches had to be carried along with all our belongings and this took our backpacks up to around 9kg.
A normal tour of this type would have be made up of 12 people, plus the leader, but I was part of a select group of only four, including the leader.


Oberstdorf a picturesque German small town nestling in the shadows of the Alps


Crossing the German/Austrian border at 2400m approx


After a hard climb, looking back often gave us spectacular views of valleys and peaks, and this was one of them


Crosses like this one are found on numerous tops


Jim from New Zealand admiring the view


A tricky path


A typical mountain hut or hutte as they are known abroad.
These huts are much bigger than the name suggests and can accommodate well over 100 people


Marmots are common but this one posed by the side of the path


Not your usual type of path. This one was cut during the 1st World War


Could it possibly have been that way?


At 3050m approx and once again enjoying the warm sunshine


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