A Trip by Trains Large and Small to Muncaster Fell 




Walk: The Green Rail Station, Bank End Wood, Rabbit How, Muncaster Fell, Muncaster Tarn, Muncaster Castle, Newtown, Walls Bridge, the beach and Ravenglass Village.
Start Point: Ravenglass by La'al Ratty to 'The Green' Eskdale Grid Reference: SD 086 964 to SD 145 998
Distance: 6.75 miles Ascent: 1,065 feet
Time: 3.75 hours    
Weather: The sun came out on arrival at “The Green” but disappeared early afternoon when it clouded over.
Comments: This was another Senior Rail Carders outing. This time it was from Preston to Ravenglass by “Northern Rail” and then by t’ La’al Ratty to The Green at Eskdale. Wainwright suggests that this walk be done from Ravenglass to The Green in order to take advantage of the spectacular scenery. Instead advantage was taken of the gain in height offered by travelling ont’ La’al Ratty.

Alighting at The Green the Rail Carders turned right just before the road to reach a signpost indicating a bridle way to Muncaster Fell. Following the bridleway down a green lane to the extremity of Bank End Wood the Rail Carders then turned west to reach Rabbit How. From here the path ascended (not too steeply) towards Ross’s Camp and then levelled out on Muncaster Fell before descending below Hooker Moss and Hooker Crag to Muncaster Tarn. The track then continued downhill using Fell Lane to reach a bend on a highway. Here the Rail Carders turned left and then right to use the public footpath that passes through Muncaster Castle. In the grounds the Rail Carders visited a church and had the chance to drive a steam engine for a day. Following the signs they then ascended through Dovecote Wood to emerge on to meadowland with views of the sea. Heading generally downhill towards Newtown the Rail Carders then joined the Cumbria Coastal Path and walked on the beach to arrive at Ravenglass for a well earned cup of tea. The walk was led by the youngest of the Rail Carders and she did a grand job.

Time table: Depart from Preston at 08.38 and arrived at Ravenglass at 10.56.
Half an hour to take tea/coffee and view the narrow gauge steam engines.

Depart 11.30 on t’ La’al Ratty
Arrive 12.00 at The Green (Eskdale).

Depart Ravenglass for Preston at 16.52 (Standing room only to Millom because of Sellafield workers returning home).
Arrive at Preston 19.30.

NB. The times quoted are Monday to Friday. Times and fares can be found at: www.northernrail.org or www.ravenglass-railway.co.uk
Fares: Using a Senior Rail Card the fare was £18.20 return and this included a chance to ride on the La’al Ratty all day. Northern Rail has a special offer on weekdays until 29th October 2010.

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The River Irt was the transport to The Green


School children and minders from Walney Island


The walk starts here


Brantake Crags


The bed of a nearly dry stream


Making for Rabbit How


The ascent towards Ross's Camp


Fell End


Still ascending


Another view of Brantrake Crags


A distant coastline


A study in 'Tree and Sky'


Nearing Ross's Camp


This was a blue sky minutes ago


Gathering clouds over Muncaster Fell


A little bit of colour


Birkby Fell


The church at Muncaster Castle


Very small writing


You can drive this for a day


A public footpath through Muncaster Castle


Going downhill to Newton


The beach at Ravenglass


Ravenglass Village


This beats Tesco per gallon


The last steam train of the day to Dalegarth

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